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Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Janitorial Services

The Marin Organization Provides Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services and More.

All buildings, from office buildings to residential high-rises, require a team of men and women to ensure that the building and all associated services run smoothly.  When you work with The Marin Organization to provide the manpower necessary to run your building, you know you are getting quality workers that will make you look good.

The Marin Organization is a local, family owned and operated business.  We take a personal interest in your building and work to develop long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Experience and Quality in a Wide Variety of Services to Ensure your Building Runs Smoothly

From cleaning and janitorial services to superintendents, handymen, and doormen, The Marin Organization supplies the personnel to handle every detail in keeping your building building clean, functional, and comfortable.

We provide more than just cleaning and janitorial services.  Services we provide include:


  • Janitors

  • Porters

  • Superintendents

  • Handymen

  • ​Doormen

  • Full Cleaning Services

  • Office Cleaning

  • Floor Waxing

  • Interior Window Washing

  • Ground Power Washing

  • Concierge Services

  • Other Services Available Upon Request

Whatever your building needs to get the job done, The Marin Organization has the people you need.

Contact The Marin Organization at 516-224-4689 or submit a Manpower request.

Construction Laborers

The Marin Organization provides non-union construction laborers for your construction projects in the New York City area.

Our Projects

Our Projects

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